Medical didactics

Paraphrasing Jan Zamoyski, it may be that such will be the quality of health care as the quality of training of medical personnel. For this reason, we really care about raising the teaching skills of the academic staff. Years of experience of our instructors led to the creation of a series of trainings in key areas of medical education. We are happy to help each teacher to raise individual competences or the university to improve staff on a larger scale. We prepare individual courses and entire competence building programs. The training may cover a wide range of issues from general academic teaching to detailed issues in the field of training methodology or assessment of students’ progress. We support the training planning process regarding learning outcomes and the design of the assessment system. For those seeking specific competences, we offer training in problem-based learning and other activating methods, the use of simulation in medical education, teaching technical / treatment skills, designing Objective-Structured Clinical Exams, writing station for them or conducting the exam itself. If you are interested in the correct assessment of knowledge, we can offer trainings in the field of writing test questions, arranging and exam evaluation.

In all areas, we focus on the highest quality. This approach has resulted in the recognition of international organizations such as the European Board of Medical Assessors or one of the most prestigious training organizations for medical simulation instructors in Europe: EuSim. KCRK is the representative of these organizations and we are very proud of that.

We are happy to meet with you the purpose of jointly looking for a way in which we can help in the implementation of our joint mission.