Work training

Raising the professional competences of medical staff is absolutely crucial both for the quality of medical care and for the professional satisfaction of each of us. Everyone participated in boring, low-productivity training consisting in displaying dozens of slides. We too. And that is why we believe that our patients and all those who sacrifice their lives to save the health of others deserve more. Training should be interesting and have the right effect in the form of a noticeable increase in competence. To find time for training, health care workers give up rest, they devote time to our families. This time must be maximally used. Therefore, when designing trainings, we take into account not only our didactic and professional experience, but also I see in the field of didactics, andragogy, cognitive psychology or developmental anthropology.

Our trainings cover a wide range of content. Trainings in the field of laparoscopic surgery, dermatoscopy, clinical decision making, team management in crisis situations, dealing with patients with multi-organ injuries or in severe conditions are just a small part of the possibilities.

If you share our views and believe that we can help you with something, we will be happy to meet you.